• Outdoor type large-scale LED vision, ☆ Vegas vision complete!
    • Excellent sharpness! It seems that it is also in the Tokyo Dome.
    • When it is too hot, it disappears without permission.
  • Introduction of IC sand corresponding to 4 kinds of money! There is no trouble to stand on currency exchange!
  • Positioning, storage and re-playing in the medal system OK!
  • Clean air! Negative ion generator & very popular! Alkaline ion water dispenser is also equipped
  • Two large TV sets installed! Please freely view your favorite programs !!
  • For if! AED installed already! Training has also done firmly!
  • Setting up the first J David system in the area! Not punctuation fee paid off!

Kashiwa Baogu (336 units): [1000 yen / 250 beads] [1000 yen / 1000 pearls]
Old tiger machine (144 units): [1000 yen / 50 pieces] [1000 yen / 200 pieces]

Address: 39-1 Nagaokacho
Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken 320-0004
Contact No.: 028-623-5918
Business Hours:  09: 00 – 22: 50 | We are open every day of the year

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